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Degilbo (a.k.a. "Lance")
Brisbane Queensland Australia


“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. – It’s already tomorrow in Australia” :-)     Charles Schulz

About Degilbo:
Been taking photographs for over 50 years. Started out with a "hand-me-down" Kodak Folding Brownie Still have it and used it again in mid 2010 to see if it worked - and it did!. Saved my pocket money and purchased a Carl Braun Gloria (120 format) Moved on to a Rolleicord Va during high school years and that remained my main work-horse for about 25 years (still have it and use it) First digital was a Kodak DC 5000 then moved to a Canon PowerShot S3 1S. Late 2009 saw the addition of a Canon EOS 500D with an assortment of lenses. I also use a Pentax Z-10 35mm for film photography on occasions An assortment of other cameras were collected and used along my life's path at different times. In my teens, we had a very active camera club in my home town. We had the use of a darkroom and enlarger. No colour film in those days - just good old black and white. Around 1959, our camera club president imported from the USA a roll or two of the new Kodacolor film. Of course it had to be returned to the States for processing, but when the prints eventually arrived, we were amazed at the quality (no where near today's quality, though). I use PaintShop PRO X2 and ACDSee Pro3 for manipulating and cataloging my digital collections. Many of the prints from pre-digital days have been scanned, but somehow I can see it being a life-long project to scan them all in :-). Never done any formal photography courses, but have that in mind for when I eventually retire (still working part time). My son, however, has inherited (?) my drawing skills (?). He graduated as a mature age student in 2010, with a Batchelor's Degree in Graphic Art. It took many years for his interest to build, but he has turned out some brilliant graphic designs for albums of music from a number or rock-bands he is acquainted with. My father, too, developed artistic skills in his retirement years, so I guess the "genes" have been passed down :-). Now back to taking (and uploading) photos :-).

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