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3301 days ago
Project 365 pics: 7/8-7/14

I know we have quite a few folks participating in some version of the picture-a-day project (Project 365), so we will have a weekly post on the forum, much like this one, where you can post a photo from the previous week, hence the dates above.  You can just post the photo, or include the back story, why you took the picture, why it's significant, a link to your set, etc.  If you have some sort of theme for your Project 365, like only taking pictures of yourself, as someone mentioned they were doing, feel free to tell us!

I'm thinking I should probably start a Project 365 of my own, so here is my picture!  Crochet peas! "I will not reason and compare: my business is to create." -William Blake

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3301 days ago
This is my favourite shot from last week.

On Monday, one of my co-workers found a new cupcake shop near our offices. We tried it out and it turned out to be their grand opening. We liked them so much: we went back for more on Tuesday. These are the 2nd batch up cupcake babies that I got. (:

The rest of the cupcakes: … 799043462/

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3300 days ago
Well, it's actually from this week if you count Sunday as this week.  Hopefully, you don't mind.  I like this one a lot though:

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3298 days ago
i've got a different kind of 365 days project. i've been doing a self portrait a day. here is my favorite one from last week:

i'm already on day 272, so you can see the rest here: … 339000393/

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3298 days ago
those peas are absolutely adorable.

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3297 days ago
typefour - I love the picture for day 38. It looks like it's a still from a music video. smile

Waukesha Web Design - Novem Designs, LLC

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3296 days ago
my favorite photo from my project this week was when my brother let me use his canon 20D for a lightning storm

the rest of my project can be found at

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3294 days ago
Tough day...but at least I got some good photoshop art out of it:

The rest of my schtick is here:

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3286 days ago


3279 days ago
Favorite shot from the week. 

Dancing waiters at a sushi bar:

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3116 days ago
Fantastic pictures.

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