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3289 days ago
enlarging a photo

How do I enlarge a photo to 8x10 without losing any of the shot?  If I simply select 8x10 on a photo website, it comes back cropped, with several people missing.

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3288 days ago
so you are reducing the size?

do you have any photo editing software (photoshop? paintshop pro? fireworks?)

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3288 days ago
It depends on the type of camera you use, but your image is probably sizing out to 8 X 12, so the lab is taking 1 inch off of each side of your photo.

Since you already shot the photo, you will have to blade the top and bottom of the photo.  Meaning, resize the image to 10 inches wide and accept whatever the height is, maybe 6 or 7 inches.  So your actual print size will be, maybe around 7 X 10 and you will have white/black bars across the top and bottom on 8 X 10 paper.  You may want to go in and crop it as tight as possible on the left/right side to get the max height.

The solution to this problem is to not shoot your photos so tight if you are going 8 X 10.  Compensate for those two inches when you take a photo.


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3288 days ago
I frequently get this problem when I have stuff printed in Asda (Walmart). My brain misfires, and I select 8x10 instead of 8x12, or when I forget to set the machine to fit the photos to the paper.

Have a look on the website for a "fit photo to paper" option, which will put bars on the top and bottom, giving a ~7x10 image. If there is no option to fit the photo to the paper, either select 8x12 as the print size, or put bars on yourself, and print on 8x10 as Chuck suggested above.
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3287 days ago
i love taking pictures, specially close up shot , but my problem is i dont know how to set my 4.0 ixus cannon to avoid too much light to my subject ,but if i turn off the flash it turns too dark. need your tips.

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3287 days ago
Hi chelly_asia,
You'll get a better response if you start a new thread (click the "start a new post" button at the top of the page.

What you describe is a common problem with compact cameras.
I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with the Ixus line of cameras, but you should be able use exposure compensation.
Your manual will tell you how to use this function.

Alternatively, you could consider turning the flash off altogether and use a couple of halogen desk lamps to light your subject, assuming is's close enough.
What are you trying to shoot?
Lens caps and cable releases can become invisible at will. ~ Website ~ Flickr ~ Photoblog
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