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3144 days ago
2008 photography resolutions

We're working on a piece for the newsletter on photography-related resolutions for the New Year. Are you planning to make any photo resolutions this year? I'd love to hear your suggestions!


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Karol A
3144 days ago
Actually I do. Two things I'd like to work on next year:

1. night-time photos - gotta get out the old tripod and learn how to deal with the exposure questions I have (and there are many).
2. Street photos - want to be braver and shoot photos of strangers on street.

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3144 days ago
My 2008 Photography Resolutions

1. 1600x1200
2. 3200x2400

Joking...they really are:

1. To organize my photos using Aperture
2. To shoot RAW
3. Venture to the Idaho mountains and make some great nature shots

I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it. - Alice Walker

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3143 days ago
1.  Really read the how-to books I bought.  Got to be better than trying to read the manual that comes with the camera.

2.  Back-up the back-up.  That's from experience.  I saved a lot of photos on an external hard drive, deleted them from the PC, and then dropped the external hard, click, click - good-bye photos.

3.  Now that I have an impressive Nikon D80, remember to remove the lens cap before I take the shot!

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3142 days ago
1. Continue my 365
2. take better night photos
3. make use of my *NEW* gorillapod
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3141 days ago
I need to organize my photos, but not sure how to do it.  I mostly use Picasa and have many, many dups - it/s so bad I don't know where to start now.  Do you have any suggestions?  I even considered getting a used/inexpensive PC just to use for photos.  Should add that I'm strictly an amateur & just play with taking photos.... and, like Belleariel, I'm going to read camera manuals and try to improve.

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3141 days ago
The 2008 Resolutions:
1.Don't buy another book on Photoshop or Photography until I have read the dozens that I already own
2. Create my own style
3. Stop comparing myself to others
4. Create a portfolio

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3141 days ago
2008 Resolutions

1. Get a new computer and set it up to handle my picture work-flow better.  This includes storage of images, editing, backing up, and most importantly tagging and organizing all my pictures.

2. Learn more of the fundamentals of photography - hopefully by enrolling in a few classes.

3. Experiment more with the camera - break out of the box I put myself in and just try new things.

4. Use my tripod more!!!

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3141 days ago

1. Take even more photos of my kids. Actually make, frame and hang some 8x10 (or larger) prints of them too.

2. Organize my back up system.

3. Spend more time with tripod shots in nature.

4. Make time-lapse photo movie.

5. Experiment with HDR photography.



On and on the list goes...

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Matt Merce

3139 days ago
1. Use my camera

I find it sits on three legs for days on end. It should really be out doing something useful for my flickr account.

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3138 days ago
1.  As above, use my camera more.
2. *Organize* my photos - tag, etc...
3. Since I've opened a flickr acct, maybe UL a photo or 2 to it...
4. Try stitching the photos that I took with the intention of stitching together....
5.  improve, improve, improve.....

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3135 days ago
I'm going to take a picture everyday that sums up what kind of day I've had. I'm moving seven hours away and starting my life allll overrr so by the end of the year I'll be ready to put them all into a book. I'M GOING TO TO DO IT,TOO.

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3135 days ago
I'm going to
1. Print & display what I've taken and not keep them so private and close
2. Be braver and take more "stranger" shots
3. Really learn the different settings to my camera and work with them

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3134 days ago
Shoot RAW, buy more lenses and another memory card, upload more to Flickr. Oh, and get more prints done - they're no use on the computer! Oh... and use my photo clips!

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3133 days ago
1. Start geo-tagging photos and using Flickr more.  (as an aside, I wish Canon or Nikon would start putting GPS chips in both their consumer AND prosumer/professional cameras so photos could be automatically geo-tagged).

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3133 days ago
My new years resolution is to understand and use my new samsung camcorder a lot for video's and still frames.

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3133 days ago
Photo resolutions? Good idea!

1. Update and revamp website.
2. Find out which self-publishing service really is the best, then actually use it to self-publish my photo book.
3. Apply for the Center for Documentary Studies' First Book Prize in Photography.
4. Get to know my new Diana camera!
6. Do some Polaroid transfers (I know, these are so 1995, but I only recently acquired the slide printer!)
7. Organize digital backup system and also organize negative storage system.
8. Scan more negatives and old family photos.
9. Try out the Super-8 camera I found.
10. HDR. Figure it out.

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3133 days ago
May be a bit late with this, but as I posted somewhere else:

1. Release 12 different photo related projects (to be decided), one per month. Then in a years time, have a ho-down if I've stuck to my guns lol
2. Take part in Project 365 (or 366 this year) follow it here

Happy new year everyone!

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3133 days ago
1) Actually use my year-old flickr account
2) Get new computer and external hard drives for backing up (currently using CDs)
3) Develop portfolio

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3133 days ago
1. top myself and upload MORE than 2000 pictures to flickr this year
2. figure out the best place to get digital enlargements printed
3. actually learn to use the other settings on my camera besides automatic
4. quit procrastinating and put together a BLURB book
5. seek out more photography galleries and museum shows.
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