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2430 days ago
Best p&s with *in-camera* art/style filters? (pop art, vignette, etc.)

I'm going on a backpacking trip. NO internet, NO PC, NO computer labs/web cafes... only a camera which will print directly to a portable printer.

What low end (cheap) cameras have some good in-camera art/style filters? Fish eye, pop art, vignette, old photo, etc.? Ideally, you could set the camera in "pop art" or "fisheye" or whatever mode prior to taking the photo, so you don't have to go back and edit them.

I'll print directly with a portable printer. No PC, no internet software available for the season.

What cheap/er point & shoot cameras out there have a good variety of 'artsy' or 'photo lab' style filters?
(I'm not just looking for boring filters like b&w, sepia.)

Any cameras that you'd suggest? 

I saw a few cheaper Olympus models that have the filters, but I have no way to try them out prior to ordering.

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2429 days ago
You can't just print your pictures later..?  It's not like jpegs get lower quality after you don't use them for a few days.

If you saw a man drowning and could either save him or photograph it, what kind of camera would you use?

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2429 days ago
No, it's for a project (a travel documentary-style momento book)... as well as to send to family/friends back home.

I'll be traveling up to a year, and will print the photos right away.

There's no e-mail, so printing directly then postal mailing is the only way to share.  No internet, no PC, no web cafes.. and with it being a long timespan (up to a year of traveling), people from home will want to hear/see what I've been doing before that time. Aside from the lack of internet connectivity, it will involve some volunteering in poorer areas. Printing the photos is key for such a long trip, as that might be all I end up with (aside from backup memory cards)... you never know what can happen to an SD memory card during that long a time.

I'll be printing straight to a Pogo and/or a Wasabi. While I could use "any" camera, I would prefer to get something that has some fun in-camera art filters to liven some of the photos up.

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2429 days ago
I have a Pogo, and although I love it, I wouldn't recommend it for something like this.  It's super fun for projects with my kids, and we were able to take pictures with Grandma and print them before we left the nursing home.  Convenient, yes.  High quality, no.  If you are going to rely solely on this printer, I would sincerely hope nothing happens to your SD cards (of course, I hope nothing happens to your cards either way!!)  I don't know anything about the Wasabi printer - although I think I remember a thread discussing it.

edit to include link to thread:

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2428 days ago
I recently was looking around at point & shoots & came across the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W230. I already have a Sony that I'm in love with. It has a few features: fish eye, radial blur, partial color, etc. Unfortunately you have to edit the pictures after you take it, but at least it's in camera. It's not too pricey, but it's not cheap. I've been reading some of the reviews, & it looks like most people really like this camera.

Here it is: … 0#overview

I also recently made my own fish eye lens for my point & shoot off of these two Youtube videos: (more work, looks professional, & probably longer lasting) (easier, less materials)

edited to fix link smile Thanks superdewa!
my (almost) daily updated blipfoto journal:
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2428 days ago
Angela, unfortunately your first fisheye link didn't work -- I'd like to see that!

I would think editing in-camera, after taking the the photo, would actually be ideal.

Pictureiit, I don't know point & shoots like that, but I do know the Nintendo DSi has a camera and allows you to do things to the photos: I don't know what kind of quality the DSi photos are though. I've just seen kids playing with them. It's too bad the iPod Touch doesn't have a camera yet, because the apps that work with the iPhone camera are great. Anyone know if one can use an iPhone as a camera and editor even without service?

Flickr ~ Blog

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2428 days ago
Superdewa wrote:
I don't know what kind of quality the DSi photos are though.
Really low tongue My friend has one.  Probably worse than cell phone quality.

If you saw a man drowning and could either save him or photograph it, what kind of camera would you use?

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2420 days ago
I wish I could mix some of the Cybershot DSC-W230 with the Olympus FE series filters.

I want the pop-art, wedding, and pinhole feature of the FE... but the fisheye and selective color sounds good on the Cybershot. The 30mm wide angle lens on the Cybershot sounds great.

Certainly there's something somewhere that at least has: pop-art, fisheye, vignette.

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