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1455 days ago
Need Advice--Protecting my Canon Dslr while kayaking

I plan to go kayaking (for only my second time) soon and need some advice on protecting my DSLR: keeping it dry, keeping it secure in the kayak, and any other advice I may need. I also plan on taking my tripod.Was thinking I could set it up in front of me and secure with a bungee? I will use a UV filter and a lens hood on my 72-300 lens. Any advice would be appreciated.

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1455 days ago
I am way too nervous to take my dslr out on the kayak. Too scared of tipping out. I bought a point and shoot complete with waterproof casing. I attach it to my life jacket so it is handy to reach and stays with me regardless of whether I manage to stay on the kayak.

I love my Sony A350.

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Great Beyo

1455 days ago
Well, everything I was finding was cases that run about 150 bucks - which is probably out of the budget (especially on what sounds like a one-off trip). I know they have rain jackets for cameras that make them water resistant if not necessarily water proof, but I couldn't find any on Adorama or B&H. I'll do some more poking around and see if I cant find you something.

Oh, wait. Here we go: something like this was what I had in mind:

or … im_sbs_p_2

About 10-30 bucks and good for keeping heavy rain off camera gear, so it should suit your needs if you don't send it overboard..

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1454 days ago
Waterproof storage or waterproof case for your camera?

You can get dry-bags very economically, even a hard box like, wouldn't set you back too far.

There are some overgrown ziplock bags available on Amazon for less than $100,
but the thoughtfully designed waterproof housings are all on the spendy side.
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1454 days ago
You could get a waterproof camera, such as the GoPro, but the images wouldn't have the same quality as using your DSLR

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