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1259 days ago
Goodbye Instagram. Where to now?

So the privacy policy changes at Instagram/Facebook have forced me to leave.

I was a totally private user.

I had the ability to approve or otherwise every follower.

Its totally okay if people want to stay with Facebook/Instagram but I am deleting my account.

What I wanted to ask everyone is; Where to now?

What are the best alternatives to Instagram?

Im trying Snapseed and Flickr.

Has anyone got any secret cool app tips for iPhone or android?


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Great Beyo

1259 days ago
I got crazy love for flickr (obviously) and I hear good things about their new mobile application, that it's very Instagram like.

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1259 days ago
Love Flickr!

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1258 days ago
Flickr and its new app for iPhone works great for me. Had Instagram but never got around to using it (now deleted). Decisions like that are the hallmark of politicians, not supposedly clever business people.

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. – It’s already tomorrow in Australia” :-) Charles Schulz

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1257 days ago
I am fans of flickr too,be a member for one year.

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1255 days ago
Haven't tried the flickr though, but I heard lots of great reviews about it. I'm currently using Instagram but I think that there are lots of things that need to be improved on it. Like when you are using an iphone5, it only lowers down the quality of the supposed quality of the photo.

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1255 days ago
Plus, right now Flickr is adding a free three months to pro accounts. Or, get it free for awhile.

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1232 days ago
I use Flickr mostly but I use Streamzoo to upload to both Flickr and Facebook with pics from my phone, and sometimes from my camera through the computer. It's a fun site and very supportive people.

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1231 days ago
The only images that I have available to the world wide public are on Picasa (I guess that's Google+ now). But am I the only one that kind of thinks this way?
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